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Congrats on a fun and entertaing game. Looking forward to see whats next.


Haha love the intro, this game is fun and entertaining

Very fun

Good app, something that is different but fun!! :D

Haha fourth review!!

Great very addicting


Best app of all time and forever

Pretty good-ok

I like this game I play it a lot except the part that they kinda coppieed a game like this but with a sheep but I still recomend it to anyone

Freaking awesome

Get it while its free!

Fun, but needs more.

Its fun, but needs more ingame stuff.


Id had my fill in less than 10 jumps, and I actually like this genre. No variety, no online leaderboards, and lacking the "one more try" gameplay needed in this type of game. Games to buy : Doodle Jump, Machiavellis Ascent, Hot Dog Down a Hallway, Urban Kick Academy.


Awesome game!! A lot of fun!!!!!!!! Get it when its free!

Cute and Fun

This game is so cute and fun! So far Ive got to 275 feet on single jump!!

I am your father, Luke!!

Love the start up chimes! Everyone needs this app!! And its free!


I liked it but mine wuz free. If u payd money 4 it, then u wasted time and money cuz this is knda stupid and, I said...a waste

Love it!

Not only are they cute, but its a fun game. Since its free I think you should get it and try it out before it goes up for sale.

Poor Graphics

After a certain objects pass you they repeat.can you fix this and maybe put a black hole or another galaxy.

Awesome Game!

This game really is fun! I love how it integrates with Facebook too! I cant wait to make my own games with this framework! Worth $2. You deserve it for producing such an awesome game and framework! 

Pretty good

When you first install this app, its really fun, but later it gets a little boring. I wish you could link up with other peoples high scores without having to go through facebook. Other than that, good!:)


Yeah its fun but i got it for free. I would pay a buck for it but not 2 bucks but then again I am bad at spending 2 bucks for apps....

Loved it

472 ft is my high score its so much fun

Pure lame garbage

I cant believe I spent money on this piece or crap game, save your money, buy something better.

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