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PenguFlip app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 3723 ratings )
Games Family
Developer: Gamua GmbH
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Jan 2010
App size: 8.47 Mb

"Its one small app for a man - but one giant leap for penguinkind!"

Introducing: the famous FLIPPING PENGUINS!

They have already taken Europes famous touch screen terminals "PHOTO PLAY" by storm, now they are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

This game takes the jumping genre to another level - with the help of the most cute and charming penguins you can imagine!

• Launch up to three penguins from their small sheet of ice and flip them upwards!
• Collect boosts and use them to let the guys rocket into space!
• Take care that they do not fall below the screen, or the journey will be over quickly.
• Use the boosts wisely to rescue your penguins from dangerous situations.
• Find hidden secrets on your way up!
• Pros will reach more than 1000m!


• Smooth 60 frames per second
• Two game modes: "Single Jump" and "Triple Jump"
• Facebook integration
• Online highscore list -- compete with your Facebook friends, your country or the whole world!
• Detailed statistics
• Exclusive Rock soundtrack (recorded by the penguins themselves)
• Localized in English and German
• Supports listening to your own music during gameplay

If you like the penguins, please dont forget to write a review! Your positive review will help us add the following upcoming features:

• more game modes
• localization for more languages
• ... and lots of other things!

For game developers:

This game was developed with the brand new open source iPhone Game Library "Sparrow". Check out "" and give it a try!

Pros and cons of PenguFlip app for iPhone and iPad

PenguFlip app good for

Congrats on a fun and entertaing game. Looking forward to see whats next.
I like this game I play it a lot except the part that they kinda coppieed a game like this but with a sheep but I still recomend it to anyone
This game is so cute and fun! So far Ive got to 275 feet on single jump!!
Love the start up chimes! Everyone needs this app!! And its free!
Not only are they cute, but its a fun game. Since its free I think you should get it and try it out before it goes up for sale.
After a certain objects pass you they repeat.can you fix this and maybe put a black hole or another galaxy.

Some bad moments

Id had my fill in less than 10 jumps, and I actually like this genre. No variety, no online leaderboards, and lacking the "one more try" gameplay needed in this type of game. Games to buy : Doodle Jump, Machiavellis Ascent, Hot Dog Down a Hallway, Urban Kick Academy.
I cant believe I spent money on this piece or crap game, save your money, buy something better.